Jun 10, 2010

A Marriage between a Telangana Boy and a Andhra girl

Mr.Srikanth of Nalgonda and Swetha of Jaggayyapeta of Andhra were getting married and the Bridegroom was not willing to come and take his seat beside the Bride who was waiting inside until the family of the Bride says "Jai telangana" .Bridegroom's wish was that since the Bride's family was from Andhra he wanted them to say Jai Telangana to which brothers of the Bride were reluctant. Everyone tried to convince him including the elders from the Bride's side. He would still not listen to anyone and stood on his simple wish to be fulfilled before getting married. This continued for an hour atlast when the Bride herself came out and said Jai telangana. After which they both got married and their story gets a happy ending. Srikanth Later said that as he is a Hard core telangana supporter he wanted that his Life partner would also support the cause of Telangana.We Wish Srikanth and Swetha A Happy mariied life and still continue to support Telangana. Jai Telangana.

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