Jun 10, 2010

Telangana Martyrs’ Families Reject Console and Help Offers from the MLA

‘For the formation of Telangana my son lost his life… till the formation of Telangana we don’t need any financial support’ the mother of Martyr Togati Rajkumar said to the local MLA Konda Surekha when she visited them at Rajkumar’s home in Warangal District’s Narsampet.

The Konda couple along with two MLCs Konda Murali and Pulla Padmawati visited the homes of Martyrs of Telangana agitation in their Narsampet constituency for consoling them. They have visited the home of Togati Rajkumar in Ambedkar Centre in Narsampet for the same and offered Twenty Five Thousand Rupees to the mother of Rajkumar which she rejected politely but firmly by saying we don’t need your support now, we will agitate to fulfill the wishes of our son to form Telangana state till then we won’t take your help.

Yet another humiliating incident of rejection of console by Telangana Martyrs in Lakshimipuram village of Duggondi Mandal for Konda Surekha where a student Rayarakula Prithviraj committed suicide for the formation of Telangana. The family members learnt that K. Surekha is planning to visit their home; they locked the main door and left a ‘note’ on the door for the MLA and left for unknown place. The note reads ‘for God sake we don’t need any of your console and we don’t need your financial help… if you can return, the life of my son or else give us Telangana for which my child lost his life. Give one of the two whichever you feel is easy for you’. The note was addressed to the MLA from the martyr’s mother Mallamma. When police informed the details of the letter for the MLA she cancelled here tour to the village and returned from Narsampet.

This may be noted that Konda Surekha is a diehard fan of YSR and she is rallying for YS Jagan and one of the first congress MLAs to demand and protest in favour of YS Jagan to become the Chief Minister as soon as YSRs death in chopper crash.

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