Jun 28, 2010

Telangana tops all issues in the state.

Telangana tops all issues in the state.
There are a host of problems confronting the people of the composite State of Andhra Pradesh but efforts by Opposition parties to sustain campaigns against corruption in Jalayagnam and other programmes, fee reimbursement, liquor auctions and now fuel price hike all pale against “the issue” that of Statehood for Telangana.

Leaders of all these parties admit in private that it is very difficult to keep the public focused on anything else. A few months ago, as part of a nationwide programme, the TDP and Left parties had organised a protest against price rise at Indira Park but it was disturbed by Telangana activists demanding that TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu spell out then and there his stance on the formation of Telangana. Since then, the yellow party has not dared take up any other programme.

Earlier, the CPI and CPM had launched a joint campaign but their programmes too fell flat. Nor could they mobilise an adequate number from the State for the “Chalo Parliament” programme in New Delhi in March.

The situation has been no different in respect of the BJP. A few months ago, they undertook to collect nearly 20 lakh signatures in protest against price hike. Party leaders admit that the programme totally failed in the State. And in the last week of April, the BJP national committee organised a “Chalo Parliament”. The State committee had announced that it would mobilise nearly 5000 people from each district. This too proved a big flop.

Interestingly, State leaders who took part in the Delhi programme, also demanded that the Congress-led UPA Government introduce a bill in Parliament for the formation of Telangana State.

And the demonstrations of the PRP have smacked more of tokenism than anything else.
source :- Facebook Telangana user

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